The History Of AnimeFTP

According to Orion and Kudos

As celebration of my 120th Post, I'd like to remind everyone what a wonderful experiance it's been since this site first opened up.

Once upon a time there was a young lass by the name of dovac. He had an idea for a site that would feature the ftps of those who opted to submit them. When he created the website he never imagined it would be so glorious. This is where our story begins...

Everything was going smoothly, the php scripts were working perfectly until one day a terrible instance occured. The site was taken offline. Dovac quickly regrouped and came up with a near fool-proof plan to have the site up and running again in nearly no time. He enlisted the help of aq to host the website. All was well afterward, except for the fact that the thought occured to dovac that he shuld upgrade to a better forum. When he attempted this the site didn't take the new forum well. It was php and required mysql. On top of that hosting the site ran up aq's power bill and he had to stop hosting the site again. All were in agony for once again, there was no AnimeFTP Ring.

Then suddenly, a young, galliant man opted to help out. He had already created a cgi account that he wasn't going to need, and he gave it to dovac for the purpose of hosting his site. This young, courageous, intelligent, and over all good man...was named...... ORiON. Dovac was very grateful for ORiON's help. So now the site is as we see it. The great, all powerful, and supernatural dovac sustains the site and keeps it stable. But, there are doubts that he will keep the site alive, for this, there are the superheroes of the site. The Posting Lunatic and his Trusty Sidekick will always watch over the site, making sure that nothing that is in their control will ever make this site faulter again.

For my two hundreth post celebration I'd like to congradulate myself for being me. Actually, I'd really like to say I got my cable back! And my ftp server is going online tonight!!! If you have any post-server going online requests, please tell me now!!

The web page was created successfully but the creator ran into several troubles with the forum, after changing forums, then upgrading he finally got things squared away. Then, out of the blue, a hero appeared to watch over the forum. This is where our story left off.

As ORiON watched over his peaceful forum he began to notice a slight shift in the way life worked. He sighed and continued to watch over the city assuming it would be something to just pass by. But, alas, it didn't pass by. There was a great evil approaching, an evil more sinister than even the Backstreet Boys. Things began to look to the dark side for ORiON, until one glorious day he was joined by another, protector of the peace. The famous Sidekick Extraodinare, Kudos! The two of them together brought back peace to the forum and began pondering ideas on how to destroy the evil that threatened them all.

Their efforts were futile. The evil force still began to slowly take over the forum. It wasn't until a few days after his invasion that they learned this twisted and sinister man's name. His name, was CHUMPSTER, the evil Acid Bunny Lord from Floppy Land! The three did battle for what seemed like minutes upon end! The battle seemed to conclude in a draw for the time being, but CHUMPSTER would be back, never would he surrender to the ongoing good-doing of the two SuperElite Heroes, ORiON and his Sidekick Extraodinare, Kudos.

The peace was kept in the forum for nearly twelve hours. Until another man, whose aliance is still undetermined, appeared out of nowhere. Troubled with this situation, ORiON began his research, losing focus on the fair Forum of the AnimeFTPs for a while, but his eyes would still glance to the Forum, making sure all is well. Kudos would stand in for ORiON temporarily until he could claim his true name, as Partner to ORiON, not sidekick. He would be equal to ORiON, not better or worse, equal. ORiON now stands in the shadows while he watches his loyal sidekick protect the citizens of the forum. Will ORiON have to come to the aid of his friend, will Kudos save the day, or will Kudos turn his back on the cause and turn to evil? Only time will tell, but ORiON hopes for the best...

When we last left our heros they were comteplating the alignment of one, phyran. Also, apart from the alignment of phyran, ORiON decided to put Kudos to the test as he went on his way to do more extensive research on the real 'source of all evil' in the forum. Kudos seemed to be having his troubles however, because phyran's alignment seemed obvious. He tourmented the poor citizens of the forum for long enough, and Kudos's powers weren't enough to stand against this evil. This, is where our story continues....

As ORiON returned to the forum he noticed that it had been swept clean of all good people's existance. Phyran and CHUMPSTER had made millions upon millions of peaceful citizens suffer from their wrath. However, upon ORiON's return he noticed that CHUMPSTER was no where to be found. He hadn't seen hide nor hair of that Twisted and Sinister Fluffy Blue Bunny from Floppy Land. ORiON attained vengence for the peaceful time that the citizens had lost, but his victory was short lived. Soon after, even more demonic beings appeared in the realm of ORiON and Kudos. The Evil Emissary Emizzon, who seemed to be the leader of the two, and the biggest threat, showed his face first. The other, MeGaTr0n, who didn't seem as big of a threat, showed his face second.

As ORiON graced the forum with his presence once again he attempted to wipe away any evidence of Emizzon and MeGaTr0n's existance, but it was to no avail, it appeared they had backup. The Little Blue One, smurf, appeared out of the strangeness of the blue shadows. What was his purpose? Was it truly to assist the two Lords of Forum Evil, Emizzon and MeGaTr0n? ................................................................. Yep, it was. ORiON now faces yet another ongoing struggle with the assistance of his sidekick, Kudos.

The forum will one day be back under ORiON and Kudos's control, and all will peacefully live in....peace...once again. The Great God, dovac, should be pleased with the hard work of these two extremely powerful, all knowing, and over great guys, ORiON and Kudos. However, there is rumor of a great 'Evil Forum,' it is rumored that her name is sana_chan. If this Overlord...I mean, Overlady, were to surface in the peaceful and peaceloving forum of peace, ORiON and Kudos would more than definately have their work cut out for them.

When we last left our heroes they had uncovered yet another horrible attempt to have their peaceful and peaceloving forum or peace tormented by the hordes of evil and overall bad dudes that were venturing into the forum's general area. As ORiON returned from his search for the 'Real Source of Evil' he found that the vile creature known as the Furry and Fluffy Floppy Funny Bunny Lord, CHUMPSTER, was no where to be found. ORiON later found that the evil Fluffy Floppy Funny Bunny Lord had a mid-life identify crisis and decided to change his name to Thor and align himself to the good side. ORiON still contemplates whether or not he's only pretending to be a good guy. In the midst of CHUMPSTER's disappearance and identity cirsis was when the true LORDS OF FORUM EVIL, Emizzon and MeGaTr0n apppeared. However Emizzon turned out to be not such a bad guy and because MeGaTr0n seemed to die early on in this film...we won't bother mentioning his last name. Emizzon is now a loyal citizen of the quiet city of Fortham(Forum + Gotham). This is where our story begins...yet again...

As ORiON and Kudos set out once again to protect their fair city, Kudos decided to go on a power trip and become a superhero of his own and get his own Sidekick. ORiON disaggreed with this highly but figured it was time to throw the chicken out of the nest and see if it could swim. So he did. It seems Kudos is doing well on his own for he has surpased his mentor, ORiON, in one thing. Public appearances. ORiON decided it was time to kick back and relax while the kid took matters into his own hands...he seemed capable enough. So ORiON went to his May Penthouse apartment in downtown Fortham. He relaxed for almost a whole day when he realized just how bad of an idea it was to leave Kudos out on his own with an unexperianced sidekick.

ORiON went to search for Kudos but he couldn't find him. It seemed as if Kudos had spread his chicken wings and flown the coupe, leaving nothing behind as a clue as to where he was going. In other words...................KUDOS WAS MISSING!!! ORiON began his search for the missing SideKick Extraordinare but had not luck in finding him. However...ORiON did find three very unfamiliar faces. The first face belonged to a man by the name of Kael...although, we did't have enough information to give his character a good supporting role...he's a good guy though so ORiON left him along. The second face belong the beautiful Solar Flare. ORiON seemed to fall madly in love when he first laid eyes upon her. But he knew it could never be...for...he...was a superhero and she was a loyal philosopher of the city of Fortham. The third face made ORiON wish he could see the second face again. For the third face was that of the infamous ChrisWilson. Never in his life had ORiON seen such a malignant human walk the face of the earth. It began to seem as if ChrisWilson was the actual master-mind behind the evil which spawned across the streets of Fortham. ORiON began his investigation for he couldn't do anything without solid proof. He could always charge him screaming "Halt, Villian!" like he usually did then whether or not the villian stopped he'd beat him into the ground like a hobo fighting a mouse over a stale cheeseburger. But....he didn't.

ChrisWilson seemed to work fast in corrupting the higher ups of Fortham for he attained a high position quickly. Although ORiON had been in this city, watching it...protecting it...cheerishing it ever since it was first established, he had yet to obtain a higher position in this city. ORiON continued his study of the Cluelessly Crued and Creatively Crafty Criminal of all Crimes, ChrisWilson...waiting for the chance to strike. Would ORiON be able to overcome this foe!? Or is ChrisWilson already too far ahead of the game...?? Find out next time in the continuation of our neverending series....: Fortham, Not Your Average City of Super Heroes and Super Villians.

To Be Continued....

((Author, ORiON Co-Author, Kudos))